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When the war in Ukraine started, I was so angry about the human stupidity of going to war that I started to write Views from around the universe as an outlet for my anger.

It was good to step outside the sphere of planet Earth and listen to what the inhabitants of other planets might make of humans.

Well, to start with the planets are grateful for all the mistakes humans make so they don’t have to make them themselves.

By now this collection includes wide ranging subjects and also some short stories. Unsurprisingly the human sexuality found its way into this collection, too.

For unbiased reading the names and planets of all contributors have been removed. Those can be found in the great ledger of the universe, a copy of which is available on every planet, except on planet Earth. You know why.


The families house

How we found a way to make same-sex parenthood work for children

Views from around the universe, links

Now that we have started to share our experiences, thoughts and insights with planet Earth, we quite enjoy the task and will continue to add contributions.

We have chosen a number of digital presentations (websites) to make a selection of our work available.

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The first views from around the universe we ever shared are published on the easy town ideas website.

By now this website offers a wide range of contributions from Aktionismus and angst to youth and zebra.

More entries from around the universe can be found on the websites listed below.

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Insights and comments on the art of covering the body, fashion, and more.

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The Hub

Comments on the art of communication, and more.

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book stations

Stories and observations for the reading corner.

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towns and cities international

Comments on towns and cities, and more.

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Comments on the worlds of doing business, charity and the like.




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We are pleased to announce that the author Charlie Alice Raya has agreed to be available for readings. For more information see the easy town ideas website. There you will also find everything about pre-ordering the first edition of Views from around the universe, and about donations, both of which will ensure that we can continue with our work.

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