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Ideas for thriving and inspiring towns

While writing the easy town story more ideas for thriving and inspiring towns emerged, and eventually I started to make notes for them.

It will still take some time to get the towns collection ready for publication. But in the meantime over seventy town ideas are introduced on the website for towns and cities international.

Also, on four of the easy town project websites additional insights into the town ideas — the towns specials — will be published. Each town special presents the specific perspective of the website’s main subject.

The towns specials for the sex talk introduce town ideas which have a connection to the human sexuality, like the connection between sexuality and the body, clothing, family life, growing up, sexual violence, religion, sex and sexual orientation.

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Published & upcoming towns


Godsfield, a town with a focus on believes

Gentlehaven, a town for survivors of violence

Sexshore, a town with a focus on the human sexuality

Oceans Pride, a town by and for the LGBTQIA+ community

towns specials

on other easy town websites

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The Hub

The Hub is the idea for an internet within the internet, which could also be used to simplify admin tasks for towners, tourists and patients.

These towns special introduce Hub feature ideas such as tools for towns.

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dot. is an idea for a clothing company which empowers creatives, small businesses and the customers.

These towns specials focus on the role dot. could play for the local economy, the local identity, and the well-being of the towners.

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book station

book stations are part of a whole bunch of ideas for the future of books.

The first towns special introduces a town for story creators. Other towns specials take a look at how books and the books trade can improve life in a town.