A town focusing on clothing


What is is the idea for a town which is centred around everything that has a connection to clothing, from materials for fabrics to designer studios, from dot.workshops to fashion shows, from the fashion university to the show producer academy, and a lot more.


dot. has its own website and two publications. Find out more >

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For more about on the project’s website towns and cities international click here > and the sex talk celebrates the uniqueness of every human being, and since our gender and our sexual intent are part of our uniqueness, and the sex talk go hand in hand.

There are so many overlaps between clothing and gender, sexuality and parenthood that is likely to get a sex & clothes research centre of its own.

Subjects would include:

  • How to celebrate the human sexuality?
  • How to protect the human sexuality?
  • Identity expression through clothes
  • Gender expression through clothes
  • Do I need to express my gender through clothing?
  • What are uni gender clothes?
  • Sexual intent expression through clothes
  • Clothes as protection from unwanted advances
  • Educating the eye and mind to understand which effects the choice of clothes have on others
  • Clothes as part of our dialogue about sex
  • Clothes for sex plays
  • How can clothes contribute to sexual health and well-being?
  • Clothes for parents
  • Clothes for children without gender pressure
  • Sex in fashion, necessary or outdated?
  • and a lot more

Talking about sex

This also means that talking about sex will be something that is encouraged in as a whole, with many opportunities to process trauma, explore gender ideas, with discussions about how to get rid of damaging sex practices, with workshops to create respectful bonds, and with places where couples and lovers can explore each other, be it in gardens or as part of a full holiday package which would include new outfits, workshops, garden events, sauna times, dining out, parties and probably more.

And for those who are shy and uncertain, could offer places for anonymous questions, maybe even with something like a pardon screen. Anything that helps to address what worries someone about their or other people’s sexuality and gender.

Gender can also play a role for everyone who wants to explore their gender through clothes. Not just by offering designs for all sorts of gender variations, but also via workshops, bespoke offers and the support from personal assistants.

The dot.story

The dot.story illustrates how dot., the clothing company, can work globally. The story includes quite a few issues concerning sexuality. There are characters of female, male, non-binary, trans gender, there are cis couples and gay couples, and one couple that doesn’t really fit either category. There there are the dot.collections which explore all sorts of gender and sex outfits.

On the dark side, the dot.story also demonstrates how rape cases are handled by dot. and what one particular dot.station plans to do to help children who have suffered from sexual abuse.


Bulges & urges was one of those collections that got a lot of input from customers, not always pleasant, which was why the team rotated who read those suggestions, just to make sure that no one had to read too much crappy stuff. But there were always good additions too, and sometimes it seemed to Ketaki that bulges & urges helped people to open up about their bodies and about their needs.
The last but one folder was a report for the trans collections. And here they were leaping. One collection for this category were transitioning outfits for the various stages of the transition, and several designers created sensitive and uplifting outfits. It was amazing.


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